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Schneider Electric & EnergySage en partenariat pour promouvoir la maison solaire et l efficacité énergétique

An online solar marketplace and a leading energy management and automation company have teamed up to promote home energy efficiency through the adoption of residential solar PV systems and smart thermostats.

wiserair_thermostatEnergySage, which allows homeowners to request and compare home solar quotes without leaving the house, and Schneider Electric, which offers products and services to help improve the management of energy (and increase energy efficiency), are running joint marketing campaigns intended to drive more awareness and uptake of home solar and home energy efficiency solutions, including a cash back incentive that will offer $300 to those that go solar through the program.

Customers who purchase Schneider Electric s WiserAir smart thermostat and then go solar through the EnergySage marketplace can take advantage of this cash incentive, with the added benefit of the potential cost savings that come through an effective home energy management system.

“Smart thermostats are a great way to ensure that consumers manage their energy consumption efficiently. We see the Wiser Air Wi-Fi smart thermostat as an exciting new product that encourages energy management similar to solar energy.” – Vikram Aggarwal, founder and CEO of EnergySage

Although home solar arrays and smart thermostats can, and do, offer benefits to the homeowners, this partnership is also a smart business move, as the smart thermostat market is said to already be a $1.1 billion market, and the residential solar market is clearly not slowing down any time soon, so combining those two could be a rather profitable venture for both companies.




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